Client Stories

Before and after photos of some of our favorite furry clients.

Meet Precious

9 Years Old

Food and catnip motivated.

Client Stories: Precious

Meet Chuy

14 Years Old

Chuy can still rock out.

Client Stories: Chuy

Meet Chili

14 Years Old

Lhasa Mix

Enjoys cold tile under her belly

Client Stories: Chili

Meet Titan

4 Years Old


Good Luck Getting Him Out of the Pool

Client Stories: Titan

Meet Preston

3 Years Old

Wheaton Mix

Spends his time saving his backyard from birds

Client Stories: Preston

Meet Baxter

3 Years Old

Golden Retriever

Likes Swimming and Tennis

Client Stories: Baxter

Meet Baily

4 Years Old

Large Mix Breed

Loves Dog Park Dates & Snacking on Carrots

Client Stories: Baily

Meet Tobie

18 Weeks Old

Shihtzu Mix

Likes to Explore Under Couches & Chew Electrical Cords

Client Stories: Tobie

Meet Bailey

8 Years Old

Chihuahua Mix

Nervous Little Man Comes to Us All the Way From Prescott

Client Stories: Bailey

Meet Gremlin

13 Years Old

Terrier Mix

Likes Warm Baths & Chewing on Cat Toys

Client Stories: Gremlin

Meet Roscoe

8 Years Old


Enjoys Chasing His Tail and Barking at Neighbor Cats

Client Stories: Roscoe

Meet Boo

6 Years Old

Bichon Mix

Loves Chasing House Flies and Sleeping on His Back

Client Stories: Boo

Meet Miss Maggie May

7 Years Old


Girly Girl Whos Favorite Color is Pink

Client Stories: Miss Maggie May

Meet Troy

12 Years Old


Loves Sleeping in Window Sills & Playing with Hair Ties

Client Stories: Troy

Meet Belle

13 Years Old


Enjoys Long Naps & Watching Jeopardy

Client Stories: Belle