Services & Pricing

Small Grooming


$70 - $85 Bath
$100 - $110 Groom
Medium Grooming


$105 - $115 Bath
$120 - $130 Groom

Prices range depending on breed, age, size, coat type, temperament, location, health. We do not groom dogs over 50lbs.
We do not make appointments for nail trim only.

About Us

At Gentle Hands our groomers are the best of the best.

We wouldn't put your pet in the hands of anyone who wasn't! Our professional pet stylists are AKC Breed certified with many years of grooming experience. Their optimistic attitude and zest for life has allowed them to connect with each animal and have an unconditional understanding of each of them.

What's more, our groomers have a passion for their work. They love animals and are committed to giving each client a delightful experience (and maybe a treat!). You won't find dedication and one on one attention like this at any other groomers.

Client Stories

Meet Precious

9 Years Old

Food and catnip motivated.

Client Stories: Precious
Client Stories

Meet Chuy

14 Years Old

Chuy can still rock out.

Client Stories: Chuy
Client Stories

Meet Chili

14 Years Old

Lhasa Mix

Enjoys cold tile under her belly

Client Stories: Chili
Client Stories

Meet Titan

4 Years Old


Good Luck Getting Him Out of the Pool

Client Stories: Titan
Client Stories

Meet Preston

3 Years Old

Wheaton Mix

Spends his time saving his backyard from birds

Client Stories: Preston
Client Stories

Meet Baxter

3 Years Old

Golden Retriever

Likes Swimming and Tennis

Client Stories: Baxter
Client Stories

Meet Baily

4 Years Old

Large Mix Breed

Loves Dog Park Dates & Snacking on Carrots

Client Stories: Baily
Client Stories

Meet Tobie

18 Weeks Old

Shihtzu Mix

Likes to Explore Under Couches & Chew Electrical Cords

Client Stories: Tobie
Client Stories

Meet Bailey

8 Years Old

Chihuahua Mix

Nervous Little Man Comes to Us All the Way From Prescott

Client Stories: Bailey
Client Stories

Meet Gremlin

13 Years Old

Terrier Mix

Likes Warm Baths & Chewing on Cat Toys

Client Stories: Gremlin
Client Stories

Meet Roscoe

8 Years Old


Enjoys Chasing His Tail and Barking at Neighbor Cats

Client Stories: Roscoe
Client Stories

Meet Boo

6 Years Old

Bichon Mix

Loves Chasing House Flies and Sleeping on His Back

Client Stories: Boo
Client Stories

Meet Miss Maggie May

7 Years Old


Girly Girl Whos Favorite Color is Pink

Client Stories: Miss Maggie May
Client Stories

Meet Troy

12 Years Old


Loves Sleeping in Window Sills & Playing with Hair Ties

Client Stories: Troy
Client Stories

Meet Belle

13 Years Old


Enjoys Long Naps & Watching Jeopardy

Client Stories: Belle

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7 Days a Week 8am to 6pm

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We are currently serving the East Valley of sunny Phoenix, Arizona including Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa Arizona.